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Notes From Our Founder

Who I Am

Hello! I'm Mani, coming to you from the city of Mumbai, India. I navigate the exciting intersection of product management and entrepreneurship.

My journey through the tech landscape is powered by a passion for coding, with particular expertise in Python and Hugo. Nowadays, I find myself captivated by the potential of Astro development, eager to explore the innovative possibilities it holds.

Why SwitchCase.xyz?

My venture into creating SwitchCase.xyz started from a quest for simplicity in text conversion tools. This project is a response to the unnecessary complexity I observed in similar tools which relied on server-side components. I envisioned a tool that stands out for its ease and efficiency, with options I can use in every project or startup I build.

Looking Ahead

The future is exciting with plans to launch a VSCode extension, a Google Suite plugin, and more. I am committed to evolving SwitchCase.xyz into a more versatile and indispensable resource.